Pipeline anticorrosion heat shrinkable tape

Pipeline corrosion heat shrinkable tape series is for the underground and overhead weld steel pipeline corrosion and thermal insulation pipe insulation fill the mouth and design. It is composed of radiation cross -linked polyolefin substrates and special sealing adhesive composite, special sealing adhesive polyolefin substrate, the steel surface and solid epoxy coating can form a good bond. Pipeline anticorrosion pipe coating heat shrinkable tape is a new easy to operate with good performance steel weld corrosion-resistant materials. Substrate and the adhesive layer by layer material. The substrate is a polyethylene material by extrusion, radiation crosslinking, stretching the formed plastic sleeve (sheet ). Is a special hot melt adhesive. It is solid at room temperature. Heating the molten state can flow and coat on the substrate. Metal and plastics have good adhesion. Additionally pipeline corrosion heat shrinkable tape in the industry called Looper, the relative heat shrinkable sleeve is called dead set terms, in addition to the main pipeline corrosion heat shrinkable tape, strip and fixing piece comes and pipeline corrosion shrink with ease scale production, construction is also a lot easier.

Pipeline corrosion heat shrinkable tape applied to long-distance oil and gas pipe weld corrosion, corrosion of city gas pipeline joints, seams heating pipe corrosion, corrosion of water pipe joints and other areas. For corrosion pipeline corrosion shrink wrapped with tape or quality inspection FJC should look one by one inspection, pipeline corrosion corrosion tape or shrink wrapping surface should be smooth with no wrinkles no bubbles. Slope angle at both ends with heat shrink fit tightly. No voids. Surface without carbonization. Pipeline corrosion heat shrinkable tape hot melt adhesives should be uniform circumferential overflow. FJC Office applications one by one pinhole leak checking spark. Leak voltage 15Kv. If there is pinholes, it should be remending. Corrosion pipeline corrosion heat shrink tape adhesive force should meet the requirements.



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