Steel tube rolling technology and equipment

Pipe bending, torsional capacity than solid steel equally large area, thus becoming the manufacture of various mechanical and architectural structures important material. Rolling production method is mainly hot and cold forming production methods. Hot-rolled seamless steel tube process is solid or perforated steel ingot and rolled into a hollow section steel, it has a much diversified production processes and equipment features.

Seamless steel rolling production process has three main deformation processes: perforated tube - the solid billet (ingot) wearing rolled into the capillary; extension tube rolling - the hair rolled into a tube close to the required size of the shortage tube; given reducing rolling tube - the shortage tube rolled into the required size of the pipe. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe process includes: blank preparation; billet heating; perforated obtain capillary; rolled tube extending access to the shortage; finishing; finishing; get the final size, performance meets the requirements of the finished pipe. Each step required to be equipped with appropriate machinery and equipment.Compared with hot-rolled pipes, steel cold method has reduced capacity, the rate of large cross-section reduction features. It can produce thin-walled, very thin-walled, large diameter pipe, small diameter tube and capillary; produce high dimensional accuracy and surface finish geometry of the pipe, shaped and variable cross-section of pipe, and thick, special thick-walled pipe. Cold rolling is widely used in the manufacture of high-alloy steel (corrosion resistant steel, heat-resistant steel and difficult to deform steel), alloy steel and carbon steel pipe. Because warm rolling can improve processing performance and product quality metal surface, but also improve the mechanical and physical properties of the product, so in recent years has been rapid development. When rolled, an extended period of up to factor 2 to 7, when the warm rolling (before the steel is heated to the deformation zone 200 ~ 4001C) stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, an extended period of up to 16 coefficients, take warm rolling the rolling mill can be increased by 50% to 100%. Steel is characterized by cold deformation pass multiple, repeated cycles and more.

The main equipment of modern cold-rolled steel plant has machine, drawing machine, reducing machine and other ancillary equipment, including annealing, pickling, stock preparation and finishing equipment.



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