Natural gas pipeline valve selection

In the natural gas pipeline system, gas pipeline valve control components, its main function is to regulate the flow isolation equipment and piping systems to prevent backflow, excretion pressure. , Select the appropriate natural gas pipeline valve in the piping system is very important. Therefore, the understanding of the characteristics of the natural gas pipeline valve defect is the key to select the application valve. So far, China has been able to produce all kinds of valves: gate measurement, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, control valve, balance valve, throttle valves, plug valves, electric valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valve, steam traps over 4000 different types of product specifications.

Nominal pressure refers to the valve nominal pressure, which is the maximum allowable working pressure of the valve at the reference temperature. Nominal pressure said valve bearing capacity of the size of the valve main performance parameters.
Natural gas pipeline valve selection
(L) clear and valve uses to determine the working conditions of valve: for medium, working pressure, working temperature.
(2) to determine the nominal diameter and connection methods, such as flanges, threaded connection pipe with the valve.
(3) According to the piped medium, working pressure, operating temperature determines the selected valve housing and the inner parts of the material, select the type of valves.
(4) to determine the geometrical parameters: length of the structure, flange connection form and dimensions, the size of the shoulder open and close the valve after the height direction of the connection bolt hole size and number, the entire valve Dimensions such as the selection valve.
(5) the use of existing data, such as valve catalogs, valve product samples to select the appropriate valve.
Gate valve in the fluid passes through the same direction, the resistance is small, but it off lax, and can not be used in the frequent opening and closing of the pipeline. Globe valves, high rigor, easy maintenance, and more for the steam pipe. Tight valve closure requirements should be preferred to the shut-off valve.
Usually with easy to adjust the flow valve as a control flow. The downward closure valve (shut-off valve) is suitable for this purpose. Rotary valve (plug valves, butterfly valves, ball valves) and flexural body valve (pinch valve, diaphragm valves) can also be used to control flow regulation, but usually only applicable within a limited range of valve diameter. The gate valve is a disc-shaped shutter on the circular valve seat port the crosscutting movement towards the closed position, it is only in order to better control the flow rate, it is usually not used for flow control.
This valve may have three or more channels according to the need for commutation shunt. Plug valves and ball valves is more suitable for this purpose, therefore, the most commutation shunt valve are selected in one of such valves. However, in some cases, other types of valves, as long as two or more valves are suitably connected to each other, also can be used to shunt with a changer.



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