The Difference Between the Black Steel Pipe and the Welded Steel Pipe

At present, nearly each family is equipped with different types of the pipes to deliver water, gas as well as the warm steam. They are the parts of your family, and it is necessary to repair them occasionally. Thus, how to choose the pipes you really need is important. Knowing the main differences between these two pipes will help you find out the pipes suitable for your home. The main difference between the two pipes is their basic properties. Most of the black steel pipes are iron pipes, which have high carbon as well as the ferrite.  And its name black steel pipe comes from the outer black oxide cover on the surface. Ever if the black steel pipe is a type of the structural steel pipe, they are not the same completely.

The second difference between steel pipe and black iron pipe is their applications. For example, the welded steel pipe is often used to like your water supply system to the general water supply system, while the black steel pipe is most commonly utilized to deliver gas and oil in your house. In earliest time, people used black steel pipes to deliver water. However, there is no corrosion resistant layer to keep the black steel pipe from being rusted, so people chose to use welded steel pipe that has longer service time to deliver water.

As for the usage, the black steel pipe is beneficial to installing all kinds of the fittings because of lacing corrosion resistant layer. Thus, it has more chance to connect with other pipes to meet different building construction demands. While there are many kinds of welded steel pipes and most of them are covered with a anticorrosion layer, so they have longer using time but are not easily to link to other pipes. In terms of maintenance, the welded steel pipes have a better durability than that of the black steel pipes. In addition, because most of the welded steel pipe has welded seams, so it is not easy to occur leakage in the middle of delivering. And some of the black steel pipes have seams, so the welded steel pipe is much safer than the black steel pipes.

And as the black steel pipes are fragile, it is easy to damage the mild steel pipe in the course of production. However, the protection coverage of the welded steel pipe will flake off over time, causing blocking the pipelines. Thus, when choosing these two pipes, you need to consider carefully. Finally, the price of welded steel pipe as well as the black steel pipe is another major difference that the customers care about. As a matter of fact, the black steel pipe is usually much cheaper than that of the welded steel pipe, making it an ideal choice for those who want to cut off the cost. However, the black steel pipes need extra money to maintain and add to fittings. Thus, after carefully calculation, the welded steel pipe is much economical.



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