Oil cracking pipe anticorrosion treatment

Cement mortar lining construction, under normal circumstances should the pipe laid, pressure test casing according to the design requirements after compaction. Lining construction process, the pipeline must be in a stable state. If you do first liner coating under control, because it will pipe wall is thin, small stiffness, lifting in the construction, transport, also have a greater deformation of the soil and damage the coating.

Before lining construction, pipe wall must be cleaned to remove loose scale, rust, dirt, grease, welding slag and other attachments; projection of the pipe wall is designed to be no larger than 1/3 the thickness of the coating; maximum vertical pipe deformation shall not exceed the design requirements, and not more than 2% of the pipe diameter.

Cement mortar coating can be mechanical spraying, artificial wiping pressure, or centrifugal barrel dragging prefabricated construction method. If you must do so within the coating precast method, the response coating in transportation, installation, backfill process to take protective measures.

Construction, first mix cement mortar, cement and sand quality mixing ratio of 1: (1-2), cement mortar slump of 60-80 mm, the compressive strength of cement mortar not less than 30 MPa.

Construction machinery within the spray cement mortar coating surface is smooth, dense, uniform thickness, the better. Overseas in the 1930s began to use mechanical spraying, China has to use in Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian and other cities since the beginning of the 1960s. When construction machinery spraying method, elbows, tees, special fittings and valve adjacent pipe sections etc. can be applied by hand, and a smooth transition section of the liner in contact with the mechanical spray.

In addition, the drag cylinder, or preform centrifugal method is also widely used, and is not described in detail. Whatever the method of construction, maintenance processes are key to ensure the cement mortar coating does not occur cracks and hollowing. Therefore, the cement mortar coating formed, must immediately block the pipeline, can not form an air convection; post final setting damp maintenance, ordinary portland cement curing time of not less than 7d, no less slag cement at 14 d; before plugging through the water should continue to keep moist.



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