What is Large-diameter Hot-expanding Seamless Steel Pipe

Large-diameter hot-expanding seamless steel pipe product, as smelting, rolling main line extension, he used the "medium frequency heating, hydraulic push system" Expanding process, our factory has three advanced thermal expansion of pipe production line can be a variety of to 820mm diameter steel pipe expansion following a variety of specifications. In recent years, large-diameter seamless steel pipe factory has formed a variety of full scale structural systems in the oil and gas pipelines, building structures, petrochemical and other industries, to specifications, superior quality, quick delivery, reasonable price and other advantages by industry praise. Products are widely used in aerospace, chemical, construction, food, industrial control, medical, nuclear power plant, oil and gas development and production, transportation and seabed exploration and other fields.      

The performance indicators to meet the user requirements, product quality has been recognized by the user, to fill our large diameterthick-walled tube of such gaps. Seen above, the heat expansion technology is well established, quality has been very stable, the user of the product design to meet the variability and overall product cost reduction rate.



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