Polymer concrete pipes

Pipeline operation requires a high-strength, corrosion-resistant pipe materials, polymer concrete pipe technology can solve this problem. Polymer concrete pipe is formed by mixing a high-strength thermosetting resin, and after drying the aggregate, a new type of concrete, resin bonding which played the role of the aggregate is equivalent to traditional concrete pipes the role of Portland cement.

Pouring of the pipeline through the inner and outer two templates filled with polymer concrete compacting by vibration. After the template is removed, the pipe is heated in a furnace to cure the resin. Polymer concrete pipes often the conveyor belt aggressive waste, or because of its high compressive strength (up to 17,000 psi) and used as pipe jacking, gravity separation and stress in the workplace. Meanwhile, some polymer concrete pipe manufacturers began making a size suitable for the pipe used as manholes.
In short, the polymer concrete pipes and compared to traditional pipe having high strength, corrosion resistance (pH = 1 to pH = 13 and the environment) can be applied, high surface finish and good anti-friction capacity. In the United States, polymer concrete pipes buried pipe, mud tubes, pipe jacking, tunneling and ground engineering applications increasingly common.



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