Welding parameters of lsaw steel pipe

Welding parameters of lsaw steel pipe

Submerged arc welding process parameters, mainly refers to wire diameter, extended length, wire inclination, the type of power supply and polarity, the welding current, arc voltage, welding speed, flux type and groove forms and the like. These parameters affect weld shape factor and fusion ratio, thus affecting the weld quality.

Submerged arc welding wire diameter usually 2-5mm, other welding parameters constant while increasing the diameter of the wire, the arc column diameter increases, the current density is reduced, it will cause weld width increases, penetration is reduced. On the contrary, the increased penetration weld width decreases. The bottom welding wire to choose a smaller diameter multi-layer welding, can be very good at this fusion welding of root, to avoid incomplete penetration defects. In other welding parameters constant and extending the length of the wire increases, the role of the preheat section of the wire being reinforced, wire melting speed, make shallow penetration, weld reinforcement increase, it must extend the length of the control wire , not too long. Different tilt directions wire arc thermal bath effect is also different. When the wire after a certain tilt angle, the electric arc welding point direction, so the pool in front of the weldment by preheating effect, the role of the arc discharge liquid metal bath weakened, resulting in a larger weld width and penetration depth shallower. Conversely, a smaller width and weld penetration depth is large, but easy to produce unmelted weld edge and undercut, and weld deteriorates. Therefore, according to the actual situation, select the appropriate wire inclination.



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