​Requirments of high pressure boiler tube in heat treatment technology

High-pressure boiler tubes in high temperature and high pressure environment, under such conditions, the pipe will occur oxidation and corrosion, material requirements for steel pipe to have a high rupture strength, high oxidation resistance, and good organization stability. In the heat treatment technology aspects of high pressure boiler tubes, at different temperature strength, the material for the steel requirements are different.

High-pressure boiler tubes generally work under high temperature and pressure conditions, which in addition to the requirements of sufficiently high temperature strength, but also have high antioxidant activity, it should be used in accordance with the corresponding pipe material working conditions. Steel at a temperature of 475 ~ 570 ℃ working class to use more pearlite molybdenum steel, chrome steel, vanadium steel, chrome vanadium steel and so on; use more work in the 570 ~ 625 ℃ heat-resistant steel martensite and austenite class ; when the temperature is higher than 700 ℃ working temperature is mainly used alloys (nickel-based alloys). For the high-pressure boiler tube has sufficient high temperature strength, high-temperature plastic deformation resistance, low thermal aging embrittlement tendency adequate corrosion stability and good process performance, to be normalizing after pipe rolling and heat treatment.

High pressure boiler tube is mainly the work environment is high-temperature treatment, in this environment, but also have different temperature requirements for these different requirements, but also to pay special attention to the choice of material, only the right material in order to play better results. In engineering deal also needed to choose the most suitable material produced by its own production and use of high-pressure boiler tubes.



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