Normal heating temperature of thermal expansion seamless pipe

Thermal expansion seamless shaping skills are used to do specific expansion of the machine, the core module (commonly known as the mandrel) and a heating device (commonly known as the heating coil), so set in the blank mold under the impetus pushing machine forward movement in motion It is heated, expanding the process of forming. The choice of tube diameter smaller than the diameter of the pipe to be obtained by the deformation process control blank mandrel, the inner arc of the compressed metal activities to other parts of the compensation due to expanding and thinned, then get uniform thickness thermal expansion seamless tube. Thermal expansion pipe forming skills has beautiful appearance, uniform thickness and a series of operations, suitable for high-volume production characteristics, therefore become carbon steel, thermal expansion seamless tube main molding method. As opposed to skills extubation. The thick steel pipes stretched into a thin tube of skills, production skills with this out of the pipe is called extubation.

Thermal expansion seamless two-step selection-driven expansion of the machine set cone mold expanding skills, digital intermediate frequency induction heating skills, skills in a hydraulic machine, with its reasonable skill, low energy consumption, low construction investment , outstanding product quality, a wide range of material and commodity specifications applicability sensitive variable low-input production batch adjustability, replace the traditional steel pipe profession Pullout formula expanding skills.



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